IMI2583 - Specialist, Industrial Security Operation

Job Family: Industrial Security and Fire
Location: Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia
Business Line: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Closing Date: 30-Sep-2024

The role holder is responsible for ensuring coordination between the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) department and Security and Fire departments within the organization.

Develop and implement radiation safety policies and procedures in compliance with regulatory requirements as certified Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to handle and facilitate risk and incidents.

Always prioritize the well-being and safety of all employees and stakeholders, while promoting a positive safety culture throughout the organization specially radiation safety.


• Conduct radiation risk assessments and implement control measures to minimize radiation exposure.

• Monitor radiation levels in the workplace and ensure compliance with safety standards.

• Oversee the safe handling, storage, and disposal of radioactive materials.

• Maintain radiation monitoring equipment and ensure its proper calibration and functionality.

• Investigate radiation incidents or accidents and implement corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.

• Keep abreast of changes in radiation safety regulations and ensure organizational compliance.

• Liaise with regulatory agencies and assist with inspections and audits related to radiation safety, including HSE department and Security and Fire departments, fostering effective communication and collaboration on safety-related matters.

• Develop emergency response plans for radiation incidents and participate in drills or exercises.

• Advise management on radiation safety issues and recommend improvements to radiation safety programs.

• Conduct audits, risk assessments and inspections of radiation work areas to ensure compliance with safety protocols and implement control measures to minimize workplace hazards.

Implementing and maintaining safety and security measures within the organization, including fire safety protocols, emergency response plans, traffic, and risk assessments.

• Regularly inspecting and evaluating the workplace to ensure compliance with safety and security regulations and standards set by relevant authorities.

• Coordinate with security investigator to investigate accidents, incidents, and near misses to identify the root causes and recommend corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.

• Supervise related security industrial and fire projects to monitor the safety procedure are complied orderly.

• Facilitate and route the communication to the designated individuals in HSE to guide the proper response.

• Assisting contractors and new employees of security and fire to communicate with the HSE to have the appropriate orientation and awareness.



• Bachelor’s degree in sciences or equivalent.

Professional Qualifications

(Certifications & Accreditations)

• Certified RSO

• Certificate related safety


(Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)

• Should have a thorough understanding of relevant safety regulations, codes, and standards in the industry. This will help to ensure compliance and effectively communicate with the HSE department and IS&F departments.

• Being able to identify potential risks and hazards related Radiation Safety. Should have the skills to conduct risk assessments, develop mitigation strategies, and implement appropriate controls to minimize risks. This will involve collaborating with other departments to ensure their activities align with safety guidelines.

• Coordinator between HSE and IS&F departments, effective communication is vital. Should be able to clearly convey safety requirements, policies, and procedures to individuals at all levels of the organization. Additionally, strong interpersonal skills will help to build relationships and collaborate effectively with various teams.

• Able to analyze complex situations, identify solutions, and make informed decisions is essential. As a safety representative, that may encounter unexpected challenges or emergencies, and strong ability to think critically and act swiftly will be crucial in such situations, especially the type of Radiation Safety.

• Paying close attention to details related to Radiation Safety is important when managing related safety protocols. Should have a meticulous approach to ensure that safety measures are properly implemented and followed by all stakeholders.


• At least 3-6 years of related experience.


• Excellent Communication Skills in English & Arabic (oral & written).


Internal Interactions

• ISF team, HSE, all IMI stakeholders as required

External Interactions

• Clients, suppliers, and external stakeholders and professionals

About Application Process
If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application. To complete the application you would need the following document(s):
1. Resume/CV
2. Cv