IMI1729 - BD Planning and Programme

Job Family: Internal Audit
Location: Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia
Business Line: Business Development
Department: Sales & Marketing
Closing Date: 21-Aug-2023
Job Purpose:

The Supervisor Sales and Marketing, will be responsible to manage day to day activities of the sales representatives and build customer relationships with the purpose of developing New Building sales & securing projects for IMI for all products and services, across all market segments, as outlined in the Business Plan, while acting as the liaison between IMI departments and customers and administer the receipt, handling, and escalation of all sales enquiries as well as the preparation of quotes.

Areas of Accountabilities:

a. Supervising, motivating, coaching and supporting the sales representatives across all products and services of IMI.

b. Responsible for defining & executing a sales execution plan aimed at securing Business Plan targets

c. Managing customer relationship towards sales:

• Prior & during project execution

• Identification and managing relationships with decision makers

• Engage with customers on demand requirements

• Introduction of IMI’s product and services as recommended by Customer Support Div.

• Maintain customers contacts details in CRM database

• Plan for, prepare and execute direct sales promotional activities (mailing, leaflets, newsletters, invitations etc)

• Ensure IMI’s participation during key events

d. Managing sales enquiries:

• Outline potential lead, including prioritizing and chances for award

• Identification, receive and co-ordinate all sales enquiries

• Ensure timely inclusion into bid invites and submission of EOI, proposals (due diligence activities, budgetary quotes, MOU’s etc)

• Ensure the execution of all pre-work necessary for becoming short listed

• Maintain a database of and track all sales enquiries to ensure all enquirer actions are completed in a timely professional manner

• Ensure that all quotes and associated files are linked to an enquiry

• Execute follow up sales activities with clients & potential clients on coming tenders and provided quotes.

• Monitor company sales KPIs and sales performance

• Responsible to directing back office on preparations of proposals

• Collects final bids from back office and submits this to bid evaluation team for final decision.

Collection of market data and inform Market Analytics & Customer Support division:

• Understand customers operations, operational costs structures and identify & discuss opportunities to optimize life cycle costs

• Understand customers; strategic partnerships & relationships

• Alignment on possible solutions & services to optimize customers life cycle costs

• Alignment on schedules for project forecasting, bid pipeline and other sales potentials

• Customers’ expectations on sales prices, tariffs, costs, competition, supply chain companies, collaborations, strategic (government) relationships.

• Collect customers’ news articles etc for internal distribution.

• Analyses reasons for failure to turn an enquiry into a new order

• Support the creation of management reports

Communication and Working Relationships:


• Other Sales representatives

• Divisions within Sales & Marketing department

• Bid & Proposal department

• Communication department

• Economic planning department


• Customers

• Market research companies

• Competitors

• Suppliers

• Representatives

Work Experience:

12 Years of Experience.

About Application Process
If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application. To complete the application you would need the following document(s):
1. Resume/CV
2. CV