IMI1715 - Senior Financial Risk Analyst I

Job Family: Finance
Location: Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia
Business Line: Treasury
Department: Risk & Insurance Management
Closing Date: 11-Oct-2023

Senior Financial Risk analyst identifies, assesses, and monitors the volume of risk that the organization is exposed to, such as credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, operational risk, counterparty risk and cyber risk then develops risk mitigation strategies to eliminate any major impact on the business results.

Key Accountabilities & Working Relationships

Job Responsibilities

  • Quantifying the potential negative effects of risk-related activities
  • Identifying practices within the organization that contribute to increased financial risk
  • Reviewing the industry-related developments and other resources
  • Research and study the events in the current scenario and anticipate any effect on the economy as well as the financial industry
  • Compiling reports, summaries, and presentations to communicate findings to key stakeholders within the business
  • Collaborating with risk managers on reporting and evaluation techniques to support the ongoing collection and interpretation of risk management data
  • Constantly keeping a check on the compliance requirements
  • Create contingency plans for emergency cases such as a market crash because of a pandemic situation, or government policy change, etc.
  • Hedging the risk
  • Developing vendors’ evaluation process and deploying credit data and financial statements analysis for the counterparties.
  • Collaborating with ERM department in assessing, reporting and mitigation strategies of the financial risks.

Business Expertise

  • Knowledge of finance and risk management Principles and Practices
  • In-depth work experience in Risk Analysis, BCP, Crisis Management and Advance Analytical Capabilities.


  • Finance Development
  • Developing personal banking knowledge and skill set with a continuous improvement ethos
  • Banking Knowledge Transfer & Acumen
  • Contribute to workshops for key elements in the banking management process
  • Banking reports
  • Contribute to new or revise current Treasury policy and procedures as required by the business while operating within the company’s policy

Problem Solving

  • Analytical mind and a good hold in mathematics
  • Knowledge of data analysis
  • Strategic mindset for mitigating risk
  • A go-getter attitudes

Nature of Impact

  • Coordination skills to understand the requirements of different departments about risk
  • Highly ethical Contribute to workshops for key elements in the risk management principals

Area of Impact

  • Business Wide, All Stakeholders
  • The impact is across JV Partners, JV Board, JV C suite, Business functions, Government Authorities, Government Auditors, JV Partner Auditors, JV Clients and JV Supply chain

Interpersonal Skills

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Self-Starter and Self-Motivated
  • Team Player Whilst being able to Deliver Individually
  • Cultural Awareness


  • Bachelor’s in Business, preferred Master’s degree in Risk Management, Insurance, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration or related fields
  • Professional Qualifications (Certifications & Accreditations)
    Professional Qualification in Risk Management, Risk Analysis, FRM, ARM, CFA, and/or PRM.


  • 5 - 10 years’ work experience in insurance & risk management or banking field preferred
  • Finance reconciliation experience
  • ERM, Gap Analysis, Risk Register and BCP practitioner 


Internal Interactions


Finance Department

Business Functions & employees


External Interactions


Minimal exposure –Audit and government Authorities



Customer Focus
Identifying and Anticipating Customer Needs
o Displays an interest in the customer by trying to understand their concerns and issues; draws on customer insight to help others with how to best meet current and future customer needs
• Customer Care/Service
o Develop positive internal and external customer relationships by consistently and efficiently delivering value
• Following Customer Service Trends
o Shares best practice knowledge with others in work team; identifies ways in which the customer experience could be enhanced.

• Delivering Information and Assistance
o Actively participates in meetings by providing input, expressing opinions, and offering solutions; ensures that others have an opportunity to voice their thoughts
• Role Identity and Interpersonal Interactions
o Works in an open and dependable manner with team members; assumes individual contributor or manager role as needed
• Building/Maintaining Relationships and Fostering Cooperation
o Establishes and grows working relationships; seeks out and encourages different and diverse ideas from others.

• Addressing Gaps in Work
o Anticipates and takes action on what needs to be done to accomplish an objective, task or goal; finds alternative or less obvious ways to carry out plans
• Motivating and Energizing Self and Others
o Sets challenging yet motivating short and long term goals which lead to beneficial individual and team results
• Self-Starting
o Accepts ownership for individual performance, results and actions; volunteers for tasks before being asked by other or being forced by events.

• Taking Responsibility and Ownership
o Takes responsibility for achieving job requirements, tasks and objectives even if other resources are required
• Driving and Delivering Results
o Willingly and appropriately goes beyond the scope of one’s job to get the work done and meet commitments made to others
• Managing Expectations and Working Through Setbacks
o Takes responsibility for individual and team errors by personally fixing problems and unintended consequences.

Knowing the Business
• Understands Operational and Financial Factors
o Applies understanding of operational and financial factors that drive team performance to contribute to department success
• Understands Company Products, Services
o Applies knowledge of organization’s products/services and competitive landscape to deliver on team goals
• Collects and Evaluates Metrics/Data to Determine Actions
o Gathers and evaluates information about the organization’s overall performance to inform priorities.
A. Additional / Other Requirement:
• Delegate for Finance Supervisor as required

About Application Process
If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application. To complete the application you would need the following document(s):
1. Resume/CV
2. Relevant Certifications