IMI1389 - Senior Administrator, Systems – GRC

Job Family: Information Security
Location: Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia
Business Line: Information Technology
Department: Information Security
Closing Date: 31-Dec-2023
Your future role

We are looking to hire System Division Head (Governance Risk & Compliance), who will be responsible to:

Develop and implement business applications, systems and procedures within recognized fields of Information Technology (IT) endeavors as detailed

Primary Accountabilities
Incumbent is fully qualified systems analyst with good in-depth knowledge of particular area(s) of experience, and may lead projects in this field with minimum direction. To implement and support Information Technologies
Systems Administrator - GRC:
- Enhance or develop IT GRC framework, policies, and procedures.
- Maintain and support IT GRC framework, policies, and procedures.
- Test, evaluate, implement and Administer eGRC systems;
- Lead and manage Comprehensive Risk assessment and Risk action plans
- Lead and manage NCA and other regulatory compliance requirements
- Develop and mentor the GRC team members;
- Manage & assist in managing Information Technology (IT) projects.
- Management reports and documentation

-Design, develop, test, install, customize and troubleshoot information security systems and solutions to ensure protection of IT assets, business functions and requirements.
-Vulnerability assessment and threat prevention
- Monitor and manage security events, logs
-Maintain and support cybersecurity framework, policies and procedures
- Conduct Cybersecurity awareness sessions

Area: IT Systems Administrator
- Develop and manage project proposals, resources and plans.
- Assign tasks to project members.
- Conduct quality assurance on project deliverables.
- Implement new and maintain existing computer systems.
- Support computer production systems.
- Maintain, enhance and support existing computer applications and systems.
- Troubleshoot system problems and implement solutions.
- Develop new and enhance existing computer systems.
- Test and evaluate, develop and implement new computer applications and systems.
- Train and mentor newly hired IT System Analysts
- Collect and analyze system utilization data to monitor trends and forecast future (IT) requirement.
- Evaluate and test off-the-shelf products to ensure their applicability to corporate business requirement.
- Review and analyze user request for computer and communication systems and recommend solutions to meet customer requirements.
- Design, develop, test, install, customize and troubleshoot information security systems and solutions to ensure protection of IT assets, business functions and requirements.
- Manage data center facilities infrastructure and support relevant upgrade projects.
- Perform support to operations monitoring of IT systems and problems response and resolution.
- Analyze and approve changes to computing infrastructures.
- Adhere to security and safety regulation and rules.
In addition to the principal duties listed above, additional duties of the IT System Analyst-II vary by function within IT departments/divisions. These are capture under the appropriate function headings noted below.

- Install, customize and troubleshoot open computer operating systems
software, hardware and Database Management Software required to maintain business functions, such as applications servers, database servers and file servers.
- Support open computer operating systems software and hardware.
- Develop monitoring scripts to maintain good health of hardware and operating system.

- Design, implement, support and monitor Database Management Systems and related software
- Manage distributed computer storage facilities using automated storage management software and equipment to ensure that the reliability and integrity of corporate database is maintained.

- Install, troubleshoot and support networking software to support corporate business functions globally, such as Wide Area Networks (WAN’s) and Local Area Networks (LAN’s). 

- Update and maintain computer and communications general services and instructions to ensure compliance to Company levels of services. 

- Manage data center facilities infrastructures in terms of space, power, cooling, and safety & security parameters.
- Analyze changes to computing infrastructure, perform systems outages investigations, and maintain KPIs reporting.
- Perform batch processing jobs and resolve related issues with relevant users and support analysts.


- Analyze business processes to determine Information Technology (IT) requirements.
- Develop, test and document programs and systems to support corporate business applications.
- Diagnose and resolve systems operational problems to ensure system availability.

Who we are looking for

• Saudi Candidates are 1st Preference 
• Bachelor of Science (BS)/ Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Technology, Engineering, Physical Sciences
• Preferably between 6 to 12/+ years of experience in Information security and GRC 
• IT Industry Accredited and related certificate e.g.  ITIL, CCSP, CEH, CISA, CISM
• Proficient with Information security and GRC systems, applications, and tools
• Proficient with frameworks and standards associated with Information security/GRC such as ISO 27001, NIST, ISO 38500, COBIT 5
• Familiar with frameworks and standards associated with IT like ITIL, ISC 20000 etc. 
• Thoroughly proficient in both verbal and written English

About Application Process
If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application. To complete the application you would need the following document(s):
1. Resume/CV
2. Relevant Certificates