IMI1236 - Senior Security Man

Job Family: Not Applicable
Location: Dhahran / Ras Al Khair / Dubai / Other
Business Line: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Closing Date 23-Dec-2021
Your future role:

Maintaining a safe and secure working environment for all employees in the Installation and its utilities as well as protecting the properties, supplies and equipment existing at the headquarters of the Industrial Security.

Your responsibilities:
  • Guard entrances and exits of the company, by check identity of the company employees, contractors and visitors and prevent unauthorized people from entering any place in the company and arrest those who are found there without a legitimate reason. In addition to that handles the visitors’ entries through the assigned gates.
  • Facilitate work orders among his shift group and ensure availability and readiness of all security equipment’s in his work locations and maintains a good Housekeeping for workplace. And generate a daily report for all activities.
  • Checking vehicles permits, receive vehicles carrying on materials including the samples and borrowed tools and check the materials loaded and official documents as well as preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering the company and protect company assets from sabotage, damage or thefts. In addition to that he should uses high-technology security and access control equipment’s (e.g.: x-ray, explosive detector ..etc.).
  • Reporting any unusual situations not covered by the security procedure to his direct boos.  In the case that it is not possible he should handle the situation with reason and good judgment. Moreover, he should monitor the security men at his work location in order to enforce the security and safety programs efficiently and escalate any serious issues relating to conduct or capability of security men working at his work location to security shift supervisor for action, giving full details of the matter.
  • Patrolling the areas specified by the security shift supervisor at regular intervals either by vehicle or on foot, and reports incidents and unsafe or abnormal conditions. May be required to submit detailed written report. Moreover, he will perform specific duties in aviation, offshore, or in pipeline operations if required by Industrial Security Operation Department.
  • Receive, keep and deliver lost items or missing items found by the security men or employees of the company and forward it to Industrial Security Operations Department.
  • Responds and reacts to chemical hazard warnings, incidents, emergencies, and disasters and demonstrate his role as per industrial security operation department security plan.
  • Participates in security drills as well as fire fight drills as per his emergency response role and attend and participate in critique meetings.
  • Complies with the safety procedures for hand-over/take-over, load/unload to the assigned weapon as per legal government instructions and industrial security operation department operating procedures.
  • Maintain his personal safety when he is on duty.  He should not commit risk acts and should not hesitate to ask for help whenever needed.
Who we are looking for:

• Education : High School degree
• 5 years relevant experience in industrial security field 

Languages: Arabic/English.



About Application Process
If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application. To complete the application you would need the following document(s):
1. Resume/CV